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Norwood Park IL Locksmith Store Norwood Park, IL 773-466-6780The law stipulates that commercial structures such as restaurants, malls, schools, universities and the like must all have emergency exits to offer quick escape during emergency situations. The law also forbids locking the emergency exits to facilitate easy escape of people trapped inside at the time of an emergency. Push bars, also referred to as panic bars are pseudo locks that enable emergency exits to be opened easily from the inside, but not from outside. If you own a business in area and are looking to install exit locks in your property, Norwood Park IL Locksmith Store is the best locksmith service provider to help you. In the past ten years of our service, we have helped several businesses in the region secure their property with the installation of appropriate security measures.

How do push bars work?

Push bars comprise a vertically or horizontally attached spring-loaded mechanism that gets activated when pushed to open the door from inside. It is available in an array of sizes and shapes. At the time of escape, all that needs to be done is to press down the bar and push open the door.

Which push bars should you get?

As push bars are available in different sizes, what you install will depend on the structure of the building that you own. Some factors that you would need to keep in mind are the safety codes, budget, exit locations, the number of levels and occupancy among others. If you are not sure about the right push bars for your office, Norwood Park IL Locksmith Store can help you find the right one. Our experts will inspect your property and suggest the best ones for your business.

Can push bars keep your door locked?

Push bars can only be opened from the inside. If you are worried of unscrupulous people using it to steal and then get away, you can consider setting up alarms on the doors. The authorities will be notified in case someone tampers with the push bars.

We can install new push bars 24/7

If you already have push bars installed and want some repair work done, our technicians can do that. They can also help install new ones. We have extensive experience in dealing with exit locks and can offer you the right help.

Want our exit lock installation services for your business? Call us at 773-466-6780 today. With our commercial locksmiths looking into it, you can rest assured of the best services.